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12:35 am i want to thank melissa mccarthy, mark duplass. apologies to matt damon, we ran out of time. tomorrow night, bradley cooper, kate mara and music from emeli sande. nightline is next. good night. tonight on "nightline" dramatic rescue. a five-year-old boy is safe, his kidnapper dead after a tense seven-day hostage standoff in an
12:36 am
underground bunker. country confidential. the tats, the voice. country superstar turned hollywood hunk tim mcgraw talks music, marriage and what made him quit singing. the super bowl. from beyonce to blackout. the good, bad and viral moments of super bowl xlvii. >> keep it right here america, "nightline
12:37 am
from new york city, this is "nightline" with juju chang. >> good evening, everyone i'm juju chang. tonight the harrowing standoff that captivated the nation ends in relief as the kidnapped five-year-old boy is rescued from the underground bunker where he was held hostage for
12:38 am
seven grueling days. president obama praised the fbi on the daring raid that safely freed the little boy. with the details still unfolding we would like to welcome gio benitez to the broadcast for the first time with the latest from midland, alabama. >> reporter: a happy ending in alabama where the boy kidnapped from a school bus is safe. a new picture of five-year-old ethan. >> i have been to the hospital. i have visited with ethan. he is doing fine. he's laughing, joking, playing, eating. the things that you would expect a normal five to six-year-old young man to do. >> reporter: the suspect, 65-year-old jimmy lee dykes is dead. abc news learned authorities inserted a camera into the bunker and monster his movements. they positioned the s.w.a.t. team near the entrance and used
12:39 am
an explosives charge to get into the bunker and neutralize dykes. >> the fbi feared the child was in eminent danger and rescued the child. >> reporter: last tuesday he boarded a school bus and threatened the kids. >> he is threat tong kill us all or something. >> reporter: dykes allegedly shot and killed the bus driver and kidnapped ethan. >> just had a bus driver shot and possibly killed. >> reporter: after dykes grabbed him he headed to a bunker behind his house. >> he seemed like a weird person and i thought that is just the way he is. >> reporter: he was a decorated vietnam vet. he moved back two years ago. neighbors in this tiny rural alabama town say he once beat a
12:40 am
dog with a lead pipe and threatened to shoot children who set foot on his property and a neighbor saw the underground bunker. >> it is lined with red bricks all in it and steps made out of cinder blocks. i said what are you using for and he said it's my storm shelter. >> reporter: five-year-old ethan was held captive in that underground bunker just six feet by eight feet while s.w.a.t. teams negotiated through a ventilation pipe. dykes allowed toys, coloring books and potato chips and medication to be sent down the pipe. they thanked him at one point. >> i want to thank him for taking care of our child. >> it's important you don't agitate the relationship between the negotiator and the hostage taker. so by the sheriff saying that he
12:41 am
appreciates mr. dykes' assistance in this was to reinforce we understand you are trying to help us figure this out. >> reporter: law enforcement had drones looking for signs that ethan was alive and possible ways in to rescue him. not only has this special needs child been kidnapped he was witness to a murder right in front of his eyes all the while his family and friends can do nothing but wait. >> the waycades react we do tend to have a recovery process the trauma. but this is a long-standing trauma that is directly affecting him in a scary way. >> reporter: former negotiators say rushing the bunker was a last resort especially in a case where the hostage take may have planned the crime in advance. this may be why police waited seven days before reacting. >> use delay to save time.
12:42 am
the more patient they are the less likely they are to makes mistakes and to get it right and communicate properly and unravel this. >> reporter: authorities had to handle it slowly in order to keep ethan safe. >> you have to take into consideration if you're going in that room and go after mr. dykes you have to be careful. any sort of device you might use against him could obviously harm ethan because he's right there. >> reporter: ethan is now at a local hospital for treatment and said to be physically unharmed. local children wrote cards for ethan's sixth birthday. >> he's my friend and i love playing with him. >> reporter: and prayed at church services. >> ethan, hang tough, little man. we love you. we are praying for you. >> reporter: tonight hugs and thanks that the prayers have been answered.
12:43 am
i'm gio benitez in midland city, alabama. >> our thanks. just ahead, hits like "she's my kind of rain" made tim mcgraw a country legend. he opens up about marriage, his new album and what made him stop drinking. it's not what you think. it's a phoenix with 4 wheels. it's a hawk with night vision goggles. it's marching to the beat of a different drum. and where beauty meets brains. it's big ideas with smaller footprints. and knowing there's always more in the world to see. it's the all-new lincoln mkz.
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with 24 number one hits and 41 million albums sold, tim mcgraw is a country music mega star. on screen he played husband to against paltrow and sandra bullock. but he talked about his marriage to faith hill and his new album when he sat down with josh elliot for a "nightline" interview. >> reporter: call it a cajun homecoming, tim mcgraw born four hours from new orleans swooped in for a pre-super bowl party. ♪ getting dressed up -- >> reporter: unveiling a new song. ♪ looking back on your life the memory ♪ ♪ want to -- >> reporter: one of those nights on "good morning america."
12:49 am
a chance to visit backstage with him and sit down in his old stomping grounds. welcome home. >> yes. >> new orleans, louisiana. >> what is new orleans for you? >> the soul here. >> but in the country music world that the 45-year-old mcgraw is a true legend, a multiplatinum career for hits such as "it's your love." ♪ she's my kind of rain. more than 40 million albums sold, three grammys one and a new album "two lanes of freedoms". >> this record came out when it was ready instead of sitting there. there's a sense of freedom for me in that aspect. and i knew we would be able to
12:50 am
do with the music what we wanted to do. >> are there moments where you lay something down and know it is perfect. >> i'm a perfectionist and i never think anything is perfect. >> u i think amade the record i wanted to make. >> and mcgraw has a new look on full display. the latest incarnation in a career full of high profile turns including hit movies like "the blind side" and "country strong". >> you can't expect to be the toast of the town after the way you acted. >> believe me. you made it clear. >> reporter: at the heart of it all his marriage to faith hill. they met on the road and have been married for 16 years and have three daughters but he
12:51 am
reveals he almost lost it all until he finally quit drinking. >> are these decisions you reach with faith or something that comes to you? >> she had a lot of input in my decision to quit drinking. five years ago, a lot of things professionally were going on in my life personally going onmy "n" my life i was using that as crutch to get past those things instead of dealing with them. the further you got away from dealing with things and sort of blunted it with alcohol or drugs or whatever you're using the harder it would be to deal with it in the long run. at least i'm sober. >> reporter: but that does not mean dull. the first couple of country are sharing the stage in vegas.
12:52 am
>> when we are out there on stage we get caught up in it too. it's a special thing. for me it's special because she is a fantastic singer. i mean she is one of the best singers i've heard. >> reporter: as public as they are on stage they guard their children's privacy. >> you are committed to keeping family, family and privacy, private. >> if you act like a rock star you are treated like a rock star. >> reporter: family is something tim had to search for. he was shocked to find out that his father was a famous baseball pitcher tug mcgraw. >> i saw him once when i was 11. my mom borrowed money and a car. and i saw him and visited with him briefly. i didn't talk to him again until i was 18 or 19 years old. we never had a father/son relationship. it bothers you you more as you get older. the stuff gets in your kitchen a
12:53 am
little bit more. but it drove me in a lot of ways. >> how so? >> when i found out he was my father it gave me a drive to think what i could do with my life. he gave me something he didn't intend to give me. >> reporter: he never knew because after reunited tug lost his battle with brain cancer in 2004. it left tim empty and aching. he channelled it into his anthem of forgiveness "live like you were dying". >> ♪ >> reporter: what kind of father has that made you? >> you never think you got it right. i think if you do half the stuff half way correctly you are doing pretty good. >> reporter: and now the next chapter he'll hit the road again touring with the sound that is pure country, pure tim mcgraw.
12:54 am
♪ >> i love all kinds of music. i think there are great musicians in every style of music. but there is something special about country music for honesty that artists bring to it. i think as you get older you stack up life experiences and your vision of life changes and your experiences in life change. and it's no longer about just finding this dark brooding place to be. it's about opening life up and putting that honesty in the music. >> coming through here with you on two lanes of freedom. >> reporter: for night line josh elliot in new orleans. >> let's hear it for honesty. tim mcgraw's latest album two lanes of freedom is out when you wake up in the morning. next up for us, from beyonce's
12:55 am
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whether you tuned in for football history or the commercial madness, 108 million people tuned in to watch super bowl xlvii. tonight our own monday evening quarterback is bringing us the brilliant, the bad and cringing moments of the game. >> we know the final score on the score board no one more so than the two brothers, john harbaugh coach of the ravens still top dog. for jim, there's always next year. in vegas bookies offered odds on whether they would hug after the game. a sucker's bet, it turned out.
1:01 am
the handshake showed the manly restraint you see everest hemmingway novels. joe flacco was breathless with excitement. colin kaepernick looks like his bromance with his biceps is over for now. he'll be back but with more gun control. kaepernicking seems so 2012, doesn't it? for beyonce, the super bowl itself was a do over after all that fuss over the inauguration. at times during her performance she seemed at pains to prove to the audience that yes, the mic was on. no, she wasn't lip syncing. and if the voice wasn't perfect this time, who cares? she's a winner. her star power alone seemed to light up the superdome. when the lights went out minutes
1:02 am
later it didn't take long for someone to tweet beyonce unplugged. it wasn't her fault or that guy's fault either though john harbaugh gave him an eful. it was an abnormality in sensing equipment that operated as designed, whatever that means. a day later and there is not much light on what caused the outage. it meant more commercial breaks than expected. the losers, bar rafaely who had to endure 45 takes of that ad. one person tweeted stop, daddy. >> the big winner was this one touting america's farmers. the pitch man the late great paul harvey, it brought tears to your eyes. but what's the product? not so clear. oh, yeah, dodge trucks but the ad sure was nice. another winner the kid from the audi ad inspired by his cool
1:03 am
ride to kiss the prom queen. for actor shane coffey the most visible role he's landed so far. >> you get to keep the car? >> i didn't keep the car but they let me keep the tux. which is perfect. i had three fittings for the suit. the directors are very particular about it and they wanted it to fit me perfectly. you want it to be like james bond. >> so you can wear that to the golden globes next year. >> hopefully. that would be great. >> reporter: speaking of hollywood this was a winning night for the man who inspired the movie "the blind side" he fulfilled a childhood dream rising from homelessness to a super bowl championship. >> dreams do come true. >> reporter: his adopted mom was thrilled for him. finally among the winners, the
1:04 am
youngest participants in this super bowl. the kids who helped jennifer hudson perform "america the beautiful" all of them from sandy hook elementary. their spirit, the ultimate winner. i'm david wright for "nightline" in new york. >> wow. our thanks to mr. wright. it's time now for closing argument. as david pointed out, beyonce made good on her promise to sing live. her performance earned her an avalanche of praise. do you think it made up for the lip syncing? tell us what you think. we'll be standing by. thanks for watching abc news. check in for "good morning

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